Code of Ethics

Since its founding, the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) has taken a leadership role in regards to critical issues impacting the construction and program management industry, including the setting of ethical standards of practice for the professional Construction Manager (CM).

The Board of Directors of CMAA adopted the following Code of Professional Ethics of the Construction Manager in April 2017. These apply to CMAA members in performance of their services as Construction and Program Managers. This Code applies to the individuals and organizations who are members of CMAA. All members of the Construction Management Association of America commit to conduct themselves and their practice of construction and program management in accordance with the Code of Professional Ethics of the Construction Manager.

As a professional engaged in the business of providing professional services to help customers plan, design, implement, manage, and construct projects, and as a member of CMAA, I recognize and agree to conduct myself in accordance with the following:
I. Obligations to the PublicRepresentation of Qualifications and Availability: I will only accept assignments for which I am qualified by my education, training, professional experience and technical competence, and I will assign staff to projects in accordance with their qualifications and commensurate with the services to be provided, and I will only make representations concerning my qualifications and availability that are truthful and accurate.
Legal Compliance: I will not discriminate in the performance of my services on the basis of race, religion, national origin, age, disability, gender, or sexual orientation. I will not knowingly violate any law, statute, or regulation in the performance of my professional services.
Fair Competition: I will represent my project experience accurately to my prospective clients and offer services and staff that I am capable of delivering. I will develop my professional reputation on the basis of my direct experience and service provided, and I will only engage in fair competition for assignments.
Public Contracts: I will not offer nor make any payment or gift to a public official with the intent of influencing the official’s judgment in connection with an existing or prospective project.
Safety: I will take an active role in developing a culture of safety, consistent with the CMAA Policy Statement on Safety and the Construction Manager.
II. Obligations to the ClientClient Service: I will serve my clients with honesty, integrity, candor, and objectivity. I will provide my services with competence, using reasonable care, skill, and diligence consistent with the interests of my client and the applicable standard of care.
Conflicts of Interest: I will endeavor to avoid conflicts of interest; and will disclose conflicts that in my opinion may impair my objectivity or integrity.
Fair Compensation: I will negotiate fairly and openly with my clients in establishing a basis for compensation, and I will charge fees and expenses that are reasonable and commensurate with the services to be provided and the responsibilities and risks to be assumed.
Release of Information: I will only make statements that are truthful, and I will keep information and records confidential when appropriate and protect the proprietary interests of my clients and professional colleagues.
III. Obligations to the ProfessionIndustry Standards: I will furnish my services in a manner consistent with the established and accepted CMAA Standards of Practice, which define the parameters for the CM profession, and the laws and regulations that govern its practice.
Honesty: I will not make misleading, deceptive, or false statements or claims about my professional qualifications, experience, or performance, and shall accurately state the scope and nature of my responsibilities in connection with work for which I am claiming credit. In my business, I will not engage in bribery, fraud, or corruption in all professional services to help customers plan, design, implement, manage, and construct project activities in which I am engaged. I will be especially vigilant to maintain appropriate ethical behavior even where payments of gratuities or bribes are institutionalized practices.
Professional Development: I will continue to develop my professional knowledge and competency as a Construction Manager, and I will contribute to the advancement of the construction and program management practice as a profession by fostering research and education. I will recognize and fulfill my obligation to nurture fellow professionals as they progress through all stages of their career, beginning with professional education and continuing throughout their career.
Integrity of the Profession: I will avoid actions that promote my own self-interest at the expense of the profession, and I will uphold the standards of the construction management profession with honor and dignity.
IV. Obligations to the EnvironmentSustainability: I will conduct myself and encourage others in keeping with environmental and sustainable business practices, providing for the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations.

Approved on April 1, 2017